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Women's Dresses

Special Occasion Dresses for Older Women

Dresses for older women really don’t follow any different rules than dresses for women of other ages. Due to generation norms, standards regarding modesty and color choices may vary, but style and fit don’t have to. There are lots and lots of choices out there. Here are some basic guidelines for picking out that perfect special occasion dress for older women.


For days when you need something informal, choose flirty dresses with bright happy patterns. You don’t have to bear a lot of skin. Wearing a strappy dress can also be paired with a pretty shawl or cardigan if you get cold.  On a warm hot day, nothing beats a lovely, casual and fun dress, on any woman, of any age.


Work might require that you stick to solid, simple, elegant lines that don’t overpower. Black can work, but you can choose any solid color so long as it won’t blind your co-workers. Once again, a sweater may prove useful in a drafty office, and wearing comfortable heels, right around the two inch raise height at the most, will make you look fabulous in your workplace. Dress suits are perfect for the workplace, or Sunday church. They give dignified look that lends itself to higher authority. They make you look well-polished and competent, as well as stylish and lovely. You can get more ornate dress suits, or you can go simpler with less detail. The best fit for one hugs you in the thigh, and comes higher up on the waist, around the belly button. The jacket should be fitted but not too tight, and show off your waist line. Pair your dress suit with a nice set of stockings and sharp heels, and you’ll look great.

Warm Months

During the spring and summer, light airy fabrics can still be modest and beautiful. Supportive undergarments make the loose fabric flow over your body without leaving lines or bumps, streamlining your silhouette. Invest in breathable undergarments, so that in the warmer months you breathe easier and keep your skin dry.

The best rule of thumb is to keep it simple and elegant in your later years. Older age comes with dignified profiles, and commands respect in conservatism and beauty at the same time. Opt for cleaner lines with nice patterns and solids in fabrics that keep you comfortable, and you’ll look great in your special occasion dress!


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